DylanFest Night

It was another fantastic night with ace guitarist Michael Thomas in Rosatos in Moville.

The crowd were on their feet throughout the night and sang along to most of the songs with him.

The majority of the crowd were visitors to the town.

Friday night was great with Michael but Saturday night was even better.

McGrory’s in Culdaff

I’m told it was a very good night in McGrory’s in Culdaff where Sheaun Hiboy played.

I’m told there was a big and appreciative crowd.

I’m also told that McGrory’s want to go in for it big time next year.

That’s good news.

DylanFest Acts

The more pubs that the DylanFest is in, the more great acts we can get from abroad like Al Diesan, Jacques Mees, Steph Buhe and the Slow Train Band.

They won’t come all the way here for just one gig.

So, I suspect that next year’s festival will be bigger and better.

DylanFest Final Night

There’s still one act to go.

Paddy the Shoe, who played along with Michael Thomas as well as doing a couple of songs on his own, will play the finale in Rosatos tonight.

It should be a good night.