Last week saw a large number of our local youth take part in the Muff Youth Club summer camp. This camp allows for all children to avail of a fantastic week of activities. And it’s one which all families can afford. A good friend of mine was saying last week how her daughter was going to such a wide variety of places and having a ball of a week, and all at a very low cost.

I recall many years ago when my own kids were taking part in this summer camp and they loved the week from start to finish. It has since grown in capacity and grown in adventure. But it never fully grows in cost. Why?

Quite simply because of it’s volunteers. They work tirelessly throughout the year raising funds and availing of what funding they can, where possible. But most of all they give their time to assist, support and encourage our young people. Without these volunteers the youth club would not be possible. And last week’s summer camp would certainly not be possible.

So once again, it’s that time of year to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of the volunteers involved with Muff Youth Club.

Here’s to many more successful years at the club. Cheers all for all that you do. It really doesn’t go unnoticed.