Jack McAteer Wallace is a young Leaving Cert student from the village (Muff of course!). About to embark on his final year in school, this young man is one of many talents. I’ve watched as he’s grown as a young artist, actor and more recently short-film director. Yes he’s just recently completed his very own short-film.

Having worked in recent years with cinematic arts students at Ulster University I’m very aware of just what goes into making a short film. And it’s a lot of hard work, dedication and very long hours.

Jacks film is titled Adapt and the trailer can be viewed on his facebook page so do go and have a watch, Jack actor.

Whilst watching, you just might recognise a few other local heads there!!

Jack has also starred in a number of short films prior to making Adapt.  If you give his facbook page Jack actor a wee ‘like’ you’ll see just how busy this young man has been.

Jack is planning a premiere of the said film in Muff at the end of August so we’ll post details of that nearer the time.

It’s always a delight to watch young people use their creative talent and make use of it. All too soon that creativity can be extinguished with life and work, so it’s just so nice to see someone of such a young age begin to carve a career from that very creativity. Life is made so very much easier and very rewarding if one follows ones passion and dreams. This young man is doing just that.

Here’s wishing Jack much success with all that he does, and for now, we’re all eagerly awaiting the premiere of Adapt.