Rounding off the Muff Festival 2018 was the annual Karaoke in the Squealing Pig Muff with BBC as he’s called – Big Billy Carlin. Now Billy as always did a superb job of bringing the festival to a close; but prior to BBC commencing, a number of barmen from the Squealing Pig and friends, partook in a charity head-shave (other areas were waxed, but we won’t go into that).

The fun of course was had, but more importantly these guys are raising much needed money for MacMIllan. MacMillan are a charity supporting those affected by Cancer. And their help and support is needed by many of us.

Amidst the shouts and the laughter and the jeering last night, was money, and more money. But MORE money is still needed. Why don’t you pop into the Pig today as you walk/drive past – instead of ordering a pint, donate the cost to MacMillan. Or if you see one of those baldy boys walking around, there’s no need to be afraid, just give them a euro/pound or two. Every single one will count.

Huge well done guys and it’s a great charity you are supporting.