McGrory’s Joins DylanFest

I just happened to be in McGrory’s in Culdaff, that top music venue, when the bar manager, Colm Harkin, asked me if they could have an act for the DylanFest this year.

He was in luck.

Al Diesan, who is the star act, just so happened to be available on the key Saturday night.

Rosatos have him booked for the Thursday, Friday and Sunday but have virtuoso New York guitarist Michal Thomas on the Saturday night.

So, Colm checked with the owners and came back and said that they approved.

Culdaff’s Treat

So, Culdaff is going to get a treat on the Saturday night of the DylanFest this year.

Al is delighted to be playing there too having checked it out.

Said Al, “I see McGrory’s on the internet and it’s very good, it would be nice to perform there.”

The DylanFest is spreading far and wide.