String Empire

Eddie Harkin has a contact in the pub business in Buncrana and asked him if there were any top Buncrana acts worth hiring.

“Get String Empire” he was told.

He did that and Spring Empire played their first gig in Rosatos a few weeks ago to great acclaim.

Paddy the Shoe, for one, was very impressed.

He rated them right up three with the best acts playing Rosatos and elsewhere in Moville.

Gigs in Derry

It is hard to get them as they get lots of gigs both locally in Buncrana and in Derry and beyond.

But Rosatos has managed to get them back for tonight and hopefully future gigs.

Having seen them last time I’d say Paddy is definitely right.

I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

If you saw them last time, I’m sure you’ll want to see them again.

If you didn’t, tonight is another opportunity for you.

It should be a good night.