Rosie being the shortened version of Roseen and Rosemary of course!

And yes it’s 46 years this week that Rosemary O’Donnell from Grove Cottages left her home there to marry Joe from the Grove Cottages also. Highly unusual that two folk from the same estate date, marry, and remain together after 46 years. A might achievement in the modern world. 

Today saw Roseen Johnston leave that same house, 46 years later, to wed Christy Harkin, also from Grove Cottages. Now folks you just have 46 years to catch up on your neighbours and maybe a few kids too!!!!

I’m continually talking/writing about the community spirit we have here in Muff. Surely these two marriages showcase all that our community is about – Togetherness. And how much more together do you get than growing up together, dating and then marriage?

And that community spirit was also showcased this morning as neighbours and friends gathered outside Roseen’s home to wish her, Christy, and their families well. People looked out windows, stood on their doorsteps and gathered on the ‘Green’ earlier and that whole community spirit was just so alive.

So Roseen and Christy, here’s wishing you  both an amazing wedding day and happy life ahead. It’s great to know you are both remaining within this very community of Muff and will continue to be a part of it. So for now folks, ‘live well, laugh often, love always’….and drink champagne of course!!!