Moville’s Spring Tides

Moville’s Spring Tides will be performing at a great venue in London on St Patrick’s Day

They are playing on a boat in The Thames, moored on the Embankment called the Tattershall Castle.

It was a regular haunt of mine when I lived in London.

It’s very close to the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden and Piccadilly.

Great Bars

It’s got a bar on the main deck for good days in the summer. They used to sometimes do a barbecue.

More often I would go down below deck to the bar area.

Another flight of stairs down is a restaurant.

Further along the deck there is the entrance to a downstairs Disco.

I think that is where Spring Tides will be playing.

Lend Some Support

It’s a great spot and I’m sure the guys from Spring Tides will enjoy it.

There should be a good crowd.

If I’d know earlier I might have gone over myself and met up with a few old friends from my time in London.

Any Movillians in London who read CraicOn should get along for the gig and lend some support.