Gold Rush in Greencastle

We received this by email from Bettina.

Dear Friends of Inishowen,
Please find attached the *APPEAL FOR SUPPORT* from our neighbors in the North, in the beautiful Sperrins. 
If you think…. that has nothing to do with Inishowen, you could not be no more wrong.
The continuation of the rock formation to be exploited in NI by Dalradian continues uninterrupted to Inishowen. Here, a gold content of 5.3 grams per ton of rock (1000 kg) was found recently by a prospectors.
This minimal amount of gold traces can be mined using cyanide to extract from the ground rock.
Yes, you’ve read that correctly, they ground 1000 kg of rock to a fine powder to extract the total amount of 5.3 grams of gold with the help of Cyanide from a ton of rock.
The mining companies always follow the rock formation, consequently if the are allowed to do it in Greencastle NI over time they will end up right here in Inishowen.
Unlike Ireland, Northern Ireland allows submissions of any person living on this island, who has an interest in filing an appeal. 
Most importantly, in Northern Ireland, children also have the right to appeal because it is their future that is in danger of being destroyed.. 
Ireland is not united, but we live on one and the same island and what happens to our neighbor will happen to us too.
Please put in an objection and help your neighbours in the North.
where you can find all information to write your objection, including templates for submissions.