Bathroom Scales

I bought a set of scales a while back but they are not digital and it is hard to see exactly what weight you are when you look down on them.

Also, if you lose two tenths of a pound, you wouldn’t notice much difference in the non-digital scales whereas with the digital scales you can.

So, I bought a new super-duper digital scale from Argos.

Too Much Weight

And I was shocked when I saw the weight I was.

Surely this could not be right.

So, I weighed myself on the older non-digital one too – and saw that there was a difference of 5 to 6 pounds.

That’s quite a lot. Think of a pound of mince and then think of five and a half of them.

That was the difference.

Tried the Upper Chemists

But they couldn’t both be right.

So, to check, I went to the upper Chemists and weighed myself there.

It matched the weight on the non-digital one.

That was good news.

Bathroom Scales at Moville Health Centre

Before bringing the digital scales back to Argos I asked to weigh myself on the scales at Moville Health Centre when I  was there for an appointment.

The Doctor’s main scales showed me about half way between the two weights.

He then produced an older set of scales which showed my weight at the same as my own non-digital scales.

That was conclusive.

Returned the Bathroom Scales

So, I took the new digital bathroom scales back to Argos.

They didn’t have another one of the same model that they had sold me so I took a cheaper one but from the same maker Salter.

I took them back home and weighed myself.


Same Weight as on Old Scales

I was the same weight on the new digital scales as I was on the old one which I returned, i.e. 5-6 pounds heavier than on my own non-digital scales, the scales at the chemist and the  doctor’s old scales.

So, that meant that three scales showed me at the lower weight, two at the upper weight 5-6 pounds more and one at an in-between weight.

Is it possible that I can exist at three very different weights at the same time in a kind of Quantum Moville?

But should I take them back again to Argos and tell them that these scales are 5-6 pounds out as well but exactly the same weight as the new one I just returned?

In Denial Over True Weight

You know what the people who work there would think – that this guy is actually 5-6 pounds more than he believes himself to be and he can’t get his true weight into his head.

He’s in denial – or he’s maybe some kind of nutter or crank.

Would they even take them back again?

Nurse’s Appointment

I had an appointment with the nurse this morning.

Whilst there I asked her if I could weigh myself on her scales.

I did – and guess what?

I was the same weight on it as I am on my own non-digital scales, the ones at the upper Chemists and the doctor’s old scales.

Return To Argos

So, should I take them back to Argos?

Why are their two scales (different models) exactly the same weight – but 5 to 6 pounds too much.

The first ones cost £70 and the second ones were £45.

They are not going to believe me.

Doctor’s Note

Maybe I should have got a note from the doctor and one from the nurse confirming my real weight.

Or should I just keep the scales and knock 5.5 pounds off my weight each time I weigh myself to get my true weight.

How can two different models of Salter’s bathroom scales be exactly the same weight – but 5-6 pounds too much?

That is a conundrum.

I just wish I knew the answer.