I’m sure you’ve all heard of the new local Gin, ‘Muff Gin’ from The Muff Liquor Company. I blogged about it a while back and even then I was hesitant. I was honest in saying that I was and am NOT a Gin drinker. Horrific to many of my peers and friends. But being a Wine lover, and Guinness lover I never found the love of Gin. I did try over the years but I just never warmed to the tipple of Gin. That is just me.

However when I was offered to sample the new liquor I wasn’t going to refuse so of course I obliged. And as all know now I did indeed enjoy and even went so far as to say I might well be ‘converted’. A couple of weeks ago saw the launch of the said ‘Gin’ at The Bailey in Redcastle and I did indeed go along. Suffering with a bad bout of Sciatica at the time I really wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the ‘tipple’ or entertainment but I did indeed enjoy all at the short time I did spend at that launch. The Gin was certainly flowing and the nibbles were divine. But alas, pain got the better of me, and I did depart. However, I was not forgetting the meaning of the night and I did promise myself as I ventured home (in pain) that I would of course make up for my suffering. And that I have certainly done since.

Last Saturday night I was not fully recovered but I was in a state to frequent my local ‘The Squealing Pig’ Muff and ‘Muff Gin’ was going to be sampled again. Early in the night I enjoyed my normal tipple of ‘Guinness’ but then I began to tell my weekly company about the new drink on the block, ‘Muff Gin’. One of  that company is an avid Gin drinker and she was eager to also try this new Gin. And so we ordered two ‘Muff Gins’. Her opinion was important to me. I knew I liked this new tipple, but I was eager to hear her feedback. We sat and we tasted. We sipped (as ladies do!!) and then we analysed. I explained to her that I had never enjoyed tasting the Gin she had previously drank and how it never quite made an impact on me. However having sampled Muff Gin a few weeks previous I did indeed like this. Her feedback was cement to my own interpretation on the said Gin; “Gin is normally bitter” she said. But this is ‘Bitter and yet sweet. This is very different. I like it. This is good.’ I’ll go with that I did think at the time. And so we ordered a second. The new ‘Muff Gin’ went down rather well.

I’m definitely NOT a Gin convert but as Gin goes, this is by far the best that is to be had. I’m pretty certain Gin will indeed be on my ‘drinks’ menu from heron and it will certainly be that of ‘Muff Gin’.

As of now this Gin is brewed a little further afield, but it’s available to purchase in all local shops and pubs. And in time it will indeed be brewed here in the village. I for one am very looking forward to enjoying ‘Muff Gin’ for some time to come.

Muff Gin is available at Centra Muff, Maxol Spar Muff and of course in The Squealing Pig, Muff, just now. Go sample. You really won’t be disappointed.