I’m sure we all have our beloved toothbrush somewhere at home and use it for its all important purpose, of cleaning those teeth. Be it electric or manual, the toothbrush is an essential part of our daily hygienic routine. Now there’s even more use for that all important toothbrush.

Last Saturday night I admired a friends Dr Marten boots and remarked how clean and shiny they were. As an avid lover of boots, mine would never come close to this exceptionally clean pair. Last night he was wearing them again, and still they were gleaming. He even wears them to work on a daily basis. So how does he keep them so clean.

“With a toothbrush” he told me. “It’s great for along the stitches on the boot and the little crevices along the sole of the boot. Then it’s just a matter of polishing.” I proceeded to look at my own boots I was wearing last night, and realised they’re badly in need of a wee toothbrush all to themselves.

Now I didn’t ask Liam Mac Conmidhe if he is using the same toothbrush on those boots as his teeth, but if you notice a red tinge of his teeth next time you look, we’ll know the answer!!