The now infamous C4 programme Come Dine With Me is a household name among all. We’ve all sat down and watched how the bickering, burning and sometimes good food, and of course wine, allows the true characters of people escape. It does of course make for good TV. And now here in Muff and adjoining community it is about to help raise much needed funds for the local GAA, Naomh Padraig.

Yes a number of the local club members are already preparing their menus, others are taking note of the local take-aways and putting their number on ‘speed-dial’. Just in case of course!!

Each member will prepare food for approximately 5 couples and each couple in attendance will pay €40 for the pleasure of having the respective members cook/deliver their dinner on the night. Now I’m wondering if it’s really those club members or is it their wives that are preparing those meals. Hmmm……

The night in question is Saturday 10th February. And apparently all are meeting in The Carman’s Inn following dinner. Perhaps the Carman’s might bring along some sandwiches on that night just in case…… 🙂 To date there is indeed a large number of homes that night hosting what will be a most memorable Come Dine With Me. But as the saying goes, the more the merrier.

Are you willing to participate? If so, why not join in on the fun. There really is ‘no pressure’ from a culinary point of view. Dialing your nearest Pizza is in fact allowed. It is gearing up to be a really fun night, and no-one promises you’ll not go home hungry!! But I’m sure you won’t.

Anyone interested in participating (and you don’t have to be involved with the GAA to do such), should contact Peter McLaughlin on 0879282222, or Aaron Gallagher on 0861793266.

Apparently to date it’s just dinner and drinks and fun in the Carman’s after. However I’m proposing more. You cannot seriously have this fantastic fundraiser and NOT have memories as a keepsake!! Every dinner table must surely take photos (both before and after dinner, and of the said dinner of course), and a slide-show put together for a night later in the year. Surely, this is a night that must definitely be captured. That slide-show might then be shown at a future date with a small cover charge to view!! Something tells me it’ll be well worth paying for!!

Now how do I wangle an invite to a table and sneak in my camera…sneak upstairs for a nose with the camera (all part of the TV show…maybe try on a dress or two, a hat or three…:) 🙂