I’ve been eagerly awaiting a taste-test of the already infamous Muff Gin from The Muff Liquor Company. And last night I finally did such. Thanks to Laura I was delighted to be gifted one of the first samples of the said Gin. Now, not being a Gin drinker, this was going to be very interesting. One of the reasons I was keen to try the Gin was to see if possibly I might just acquire a taste for it. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be successful, but of course I didn’t tell Laura B that!! She might have changed her mind about gifting that wee Gin!

So the new Gin glasses were at the ready (not mine but a Gin drinking friend’s purchase), the cucumber and a selection of tonic water mixers. Oh, and the ice of course. On opening the bottle of Gin, I was immediately deterred  by the scent. I felt it was too strong and overpowering. But who am I to complain, I don’t know Gin and this was just the beginning, wasn’t it?

First up it was to be our new Gin with it’s potato base, mandarin, lemon, rosemary, elderflower and that all important secret ingredient, mixed with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water, slithers of cucumber and ice. A little swizz and it all had rather an appealing aroma. Sweet smelling, yet still sharp to the scent. But it was inviting.  And so to the taste test – for this non-drinking Gin gal!

It was crisp, sweet and very smooth. The smoothness is what got me most. Until now, Gin was a bitter-sweet, sharp tasting drink and I never understood it’s appeal. This was very different. But I wondered if it might be that Elderflower tonic water that was the appeal over the gin. Only one way to find out – I decided to taste-test the Gin, raw! Yes it was with a teaspoon (no idea how politically correct this is, but it’s how it was done), and I downed a teaspoon of this raw Muff Gin. I didn’t splutter, I didn’t even wince. I was tempted to take a second, but decided against – getting drunk on Gin alone on a Monday night might not be so good! My partner in crime followed the trail test of the raw gin, and the reaction was the same. This wasn’t distasteful. This was in fact rather appealing all on its own.

So it was back to the Elderflower tonic mixer with our Gin. This drink went down rather too nicely and I was tempted to have a second of the same. But alas, number two must be with a plain tonic mixer just to do a check on this Gin proper.

The second taste-test was with a sliver of cucumber, ice and Fever Tree Premium Tonic Water. Again, it was sweet, but smooth. It was once again also very drinkable and not at all bitter as I had formerly associated with Gin. This one again was most enjoyable but I definitely preferred the mix of Elderberry tonic water. That was just a personal favourite and one which I shall definitely be trying in the not too distant future.

I’ve spoken to a number of people in recent days: all Gin drinkers, local, Scotland and even Manchester. They all assured me that there was a Gin for everyone. I very much doubted that. Being gifted a sample bottle of this new Gin does not mean I had to like it. I hadn’t planned on liking it. But liking it I very much do.

Perhaps there really is a Gin for everyone. I think I’ve just found mine. And it most definitely is the new Gin from the very new, The Muff Liquor Company. Here’ s to many Gin fueled nights ahead, and looking forward to seeing it in the local bars very soon.