Last Saturday saw a number of local folk come out in force and clean up the village and surrounding area of Muff. Instigated by one local mother, this brought young children and their parents and local villagers out to help clean some of the rubbish currently lying along our roadsides, ditches, rivers and just about anywhere these rubbish dumpers can find to dispose of their waste.

We’ve all noticed the increase in rubbish along the roads. But surely it’s gone beyond a joke when we see endless bags of rubbish being purposefully dumped along the roadsides on a regular basis. 

The local bin/waste collection is on a regular basis and there’s NO need for anyone to dispose of waste in this ridiculous way. We can sometimes forgive children for being careless and dropping the odd wrapper; but we must teach our children how wrong it is to drop even that odd wrapper. But how can we try to encourage our children and young folk to keep a litter-free village when we have adults disposing of their entire household waste along the roads.

It’s high time to name and shame anyone who decides that it’s ok to do such. It’s high time to show that we shall not allow grown men and women to litter our village with such utter thoughtlessness and carelessness. Rubbish has NO place on our roadsides. Rubbish has NO place in our fields. Rubbish has NO place in our rivers. 

Huge thanks to all those folk who took time out on Saturday and helped clear up this mess that others have left in the village. And an extra special thanks to all those young folk who came along to help. Well done each and every one of you.

Now to dispel of those litter thugs who think it’s ok to throw rubbish by the roadside. You shall NOT be tolerated.