Yes, our wee Luke is indeed 21. Earlier this week local musician Luke McLaughlin hit the milestone age and like all he does, it went over his head. “What did you do for your 21st?” I asked him last night? “Ah, nothing. I don’t really do birthday’s”, the modest young man replied. Well, hell we do birthday’s boy, and you’re not getting away that light.

I met this young chap when he was just 17.  Although home was in Muff (originally and always a Derry man however), he played local gigs at The Pig wee bar here in the village. And that first night I heard him, he totally blew me away. This kid was something else. Yip, he sure had talent. And he’s been playing since he was just 3 years old!!!

Also at that time he was based in London and playing with a band called The Turning. It was on his trips home that he gigged locally. The Turning played a number of Derry gigs and really were superb. I had the good fortune of hearing them play in Camden, London in November 2015. That was a night to remember.

Sadly the band came to an end and more recently Luke became part of contemporary punk band, The Touts. Derry based lads they all are, and they are destined to take the music world by storm over the coming years. Just last week they had an interview with Hot Press, they’ve played on BBC Radio, played Reading/Leeds Festival last summer, and in just a couple of months time, fly out to the US where they’ll play the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. These guys are destined for music success in every way. And our ‘wee Luke’ is all part of it. Check out Touts facebook page for more info on these guys.

So as the dark-haired, smiley faced musical rogue turns 21, here’s wishing him the greatest of futures, and the very best of success with The Touts as they climb that world musical ladder. Just don’t forget us wee folk here in the village young man. We won’t let ya!!

Happiest of birthday’s ‘wee Luke’. Here’s to the next 21.