Hard to believe it’s that time again, but that it most certainly is. Time to think ahead and make plans for the forthcoming 38th annual Muff Festival.

Muff Festival facebook page posted an update just yesterday informing the local community of the date and time of the AGM. 

Our AGM takes place Thursday Jan. 18th @ 7pm in Scoil Naomh Brid. This meeting is open to anyone to attend. We will review our accounts and elect a new committee for the coming year. Now is your chance to come along and share your ideas for the Festival. Help make your 38th festival the best yet 🎉Appreciate if you can like/share to spread the good word!

The committee emphasise that ‘everyone’ is welcome to this meeting on Thursday 18th January at Scoil Naomh Bríd, Muff at 7pm. This is an opportunity for people to have their say. Too often people are talking that ‘this should be done, that should be done’ etc. So now is the chance to put those ideas to the committee and help elect a new committee. Too often people are quick to condemn those who work and put in such effort, and yet sit back, and don’t take part. (Yes I’m on a rant!!). I listen to folk make suggestions, have great ideas, and oft times complain. Well, now’s your chance to make a change if that’s what you want. Now’s your chance to share your ideas and have some input into the village festival. This is a festival many of us value, and enjoy on an annual basis. And yet we expect others to continue to do the work. And still think we have a right to complain!

So, save the date. Go along and help the current committee members prepare for the forthcoming festival and be part of that festival behind the scenes, and as the Facebook page says, ‘Help make your 38th festival the best yet.’