If it’s one meal I value daily it’s my breakfast. Never leave home without it! That was until Tank and Skinny’s (formerly The Workshop), opened in the village. Now it’s a case of ‘stave off the breakfast pang till I get to Tank and Skinny’s‘! Well, not daily but definitely weekly!! One does need one breakfast treat per week, doesn’t one?

We all agree I’m sure that it’s hard to beat the old ‘full-Irish’, and it’s always a great one at Tank and Skinny’s. Mind you I do prefer the ‘Poached egg on Toast’ but that’s just a personal favourite.

Just last week the old ‘coffee-shop partner in crime’ (that’s you Lousie!!) and myself decided we were going to go for a breakfast with a difference this very morning. It was all scheduled, and there was a certain coffee shop in Derry where we heard does a delicious avocado, egg and toast breakfast; and so we were destined to try. That was until at 9am this morning, just half and hour before our departure to the big smoke, my Instagram showed the new avocado, home-made potato bread, bacon and egg breakfast being served from today!  I stopped in my tracks. There was no need for the Derry trip (but we shall one day soon), we were being served our favourite breakfast right here in Muff. Tank and Skinny’s had hit the jackpot – they were doing an avocado and egg breakfast – with non other than ‘home-made’ potato bread.

It was a quick text to that ‘coffee-shop partner in crime’ and it was a short trip to the village for breakfast. No need to dwell on the menu today. No need to sit and ponder. We were having the new avocado special. And boy were we impressed.

The home-made potato bread was yum, then topped with bacon, avocado, two poached eggs and salad (didn’t need the salad I must add – agreed by us both!!) It was a savoury delight this morning for breakfast. A very welcomed

addition to an already fabulous menu.

It wasn’t until our return home and another Instagram post that we discovered there was more to this new breakfast menu that our avocado special. There are now pancakes, nutella, bacon, strawberry, maple syrup – combinations galore.

That poses just one problem. Which do we try next? Well, they do have to be tried, don’t they?

And so the temptation continues. The New Year diet has gone to pot. And it’s all the fault of Tank and Skinny’s. But we’ll forgive you. We can resist anything….except temptation where good food is concerned 🙂