CraicOn Readers

I’d like to take this opportunity, on Christmas Day, to wish all CraicOn readers a Happy Christmas.

It’s read each year in more than 100 countries around the globe.

It’s read in faraway places like Australia, Qatar, Jordan and South Africa.

After Ireland the next most readers are in the UK, then the USA and then surprisingly Spain.

I don’t know the reason for that.

Movillians Living Abroad

People from Moville who live abroad and those who are not from Moville but are regular visitors all seem to like it.

They tell me that they can get the home news from other sources like the online local newspapers but that CraicOn give them a flavour of what people are talking about and doing back home. It’s the craic.

I didn’t put as many articles up this year as previous years as I have been busy with other things.

I’ll try to rectify that in 2018.