Miss Duggan Swims

CraicOn got sent this by Don McGinley.

It is dated from September 10th 1927, seven months before my father Gerry McLaughlin was born.

I would have like to have asked him if he knew Miss Duggan or heard about the swim so he could spread more light on it.

He knew lots of old Moville Stories.

Sadly he passed on earlier this year taking most of his stories with him.

I had intended getting them all off him and putting them on CraicOn – but didn’t quite get round to it. I got some though.

Newspaper Cutting

The newspaper cutting of Miss Duggan’s swim is above.

It says:-

“Miss Duggan, daughter of Mr. Duggan, flesher, a well-known resident of Moville, on Sunday swam the Foyle from Magilligan to Greencastle. Reaching Inishowen neat the manor house, she skirted the pier and landed at Greencastle Pier. A motor boat accompanied the swimmer.”

This was 90 years ago. I wonder if Miss Duggan has relatives still in Moville.

It seems she was the Daughter of William Duggan and senior sister to Willie Duggan both butchers.

I also wonder if her feat has been done since. The currents are quite strong there.

If anyone know let me know or put it in the comments section.

And, if anyone else has any old tales of Moville let me know.

And thanks to Don McGinley who provided the clip and tory.