It has just been announced that ‘people power’ really has won in the village today. Just over a week ago it became widespread news that Coillte were planning on building a road through our beloved forest and would disrupt the wildlife, and in particular our much loved ‘red squirrels’ for the foreseeable future.

Locals and the community at large embarked upon a campaign to prevent such from happening and thanks to that campaign and the good will of Coillte, it has been stopped. Lis Na Grá will remain the beautiful spot we all know and love.

A huge shout out must surely go to Margaret McDaid for getting on the campaign so quickly and encouraging everyone to back the protection of Lis NaGrá. Margaret told me a short while ago that, “I’m blown away by people’s support. It’s a great community we live in.” Here’s to keeping it a great community and to retaining the beautiful spot we have on our doorstep. The spot that is Lis NaGrá.