Rosatos in Moville

There were 10 of us out for a meal, eight adults and two young children.

Rosatos was where they wanted to go.

It was a Monday early evening so we wondered if it would be a bit quiet.

But of course, Rosatos does well all year round and there were quite a few people there.

One of the things about Rosatos is that it is child friendly, it’s a place that all of the family can go and feel welcome.

Sunday is a prticularly family day there.

Moville’s Little Secret

I wouldn’t say that Rosatos is Moville’s little secret as it wins lots of regional and national awards, especially in the Irish traditional pubs category, and people come quite  a way to eat there, but let’s just say that it is a real bonus for the people of Moville to have Rosatos here.

The food is always good. It’s often said by both locals and visitor that you never get a bad meal in Rosatos.

Beatles road manager, Tony Bramwell, who has come to the town for the BeatlesFests says it is one of his favourite pubs in the world – and he has been in most of them.

He also said that if he knew someone who was starting a restaurant he would tell them that they could do worse than to come to Rosatos and see how it operates. “Everything works like clockwork” he said.

Chilli Chicken Pcoket

I had the Chilli Chicken Pocket as a main course.

I remember the first time I had it there. I asked a young girl who was on a week’s serving course in Rosatos to recommend a dish.

She said “When I get the money I’m going to come in for a meal and have the Chilli Chicken Pocket.”

That was good enough for me.

And she was right!

I have it quite often now.

It was even better than usual. I had it with rice.

Rosatos Deserts

The desserts are always good in Rosatos.

I asked Megan, who was serving, for the apple pie with a dod of ice cream.

She looked perplexed.

I realised then that the word ‘dod’ isn’t used here. It’s a Scottish word and may even be just West Coast. It doesn’t look as if it has made it into Ulster Scots.

“Did you say you want ice cream?” she asked.

I resisted the temptations to say “Yes, a dod of it” and just said Yes.

Rosatos Apple Pie

The Apple Pie was great.

I like Apple Pies with lots of apple in them.

I think that this was the most Apple that I had ever seen in a pie.

The apple must have been 80% to 90% of the pie.

That was a real bonus.

Enjoyable Evening Out

I do use Rosatos a lot so it didn’t come as any great surprise that my meal, and evening out, was very enjoyable.

To end it on a nice note we got a visit to our table from the man voted Ireland’s greatest ever person in the Year 2000, just ahead of Michael Collins.

Yes, it was John Hume. Ireland’s Greatest Man in one of Ireland’s Greatest Pubs.

He used to be a regular in Rostatos but I haven’t seen him for a while.

It was nice to have a chat again.

John Hume’s Peace Prizes

John’s the only person to have won the Triple Crown of Peace Prizes.

He has won the Gandhi Award and the Martin Luther King Medal to go with his Nobel Peace Prize.

Is there anything better than being the most decorated person for Peace in the world?

One time I saw a little badge on his jacket lapel.

I asked him what it was.

It was the French Legion of Honour, France’s higgest honour which is rarely given to foreigners.

He said that he is often stopped when walking in the streets in Paris.

History and French Degree

He told me that his degree was in History and French and he was French Television’s go-to guy when there was any news items in the North.

“Ian Paisley’s French wasn’t great” quipped John “except for the word Non”.

So, it was altogether a very pleasant night of good food, repartee and banter in a very welcoming place, and we were well looked after by the people working there.

If you are in Moville any time soon, make sure you eat there at least once.