Olivia’s Coffee Shop Moville

I’d heard people talking about Olivia’s Coffee shop in Moville.

It was all good so I thought I would give it a try and so went for a late breakfast there this morning.

I wondered if it would be open on a Monday morning, and, if it was, would there be anyone there?

There was a good few there when I went in, maybe ten, and a few more came in whilst I was there.

Cheese Omelette

I was pleased to see that they did omelettes as well as scrambled eggs.

I asked for a cheese omelette with tea and brown toast.

I checked out the rest of the menu.

There were lots of different sandwiches as well as cakes and patries.

Relaxed Atmosphere

It was a nice relaxed atmosphere in there and I said hello to a few that I knew.

I sat down by the window where there is a sofa and leather chair.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken a table for three, and probably the best, and most comfortable seats in the house, when I was in by myself.

However, as it was my first time there, and I wanted to do a review, I thought I’d like to experience it.

Friendly Workers

Any time someone walks into a new place for the first time, they are always just  a little bit intimidated and aprehensive but as I aproached the counter the staff were relaxed and friendly and this always puts one at one’s ease.

It wasn’t too long before my tea and toast were brought over with the promise that my omelette would be with me shortly.

I noticed the nice little old fahioned bottles that the milk came in.

It’s like one of those old bottles we sometimes see washed up in the tide in the River Row – and I mean that in the best possible way.

I also noticed the large container which the tea came in.

“There sould be at least three cups worth in there” I thought.

Omelette Surprise

When my omelette came I was a little surprised.

Normally onelettes are folded over – at least in my experience anyway.

However, this one was round – just as it would have been in the pan.

In fact it looked a bit like a pizza without the crust.

It was very enjoyable – and I determiend that I would make my own omelettes like that in the future.

The number of times I’ve struggled to get omelettes to fold over without breaking (usually unsuccessfully), when, as I just discovered, there is no need to fold them at all.

Cheese and Banana

By the way I’m probably going to disgust you here by telling you that my favourite onelette is cheese and banana.

It’s not something I ask for when I go out.

I make them in the secrecy of my own home. So, this will remain just between you and me.

They’re very nice actually and just remember that fried bananas form part of a Chicken Maryland so it is not completely outlandish.

Friendly Atmosphere

I have to say that it was nice and relaxed in there, helped by a nice and friendly and relaxed staff working there ( I hate calling people ‘staff’ but i’m never sure what word to use instead).

I had a brief conversation, as I paid, with a girl behind the counter who asked how my daughter was doing in America.

I also ordered a piece of apple cake to go.

My bill came to between €7 and €8. I can’t remember precisely.

It looks as if Cafe Society is catching on in Moville and I hear that here is another one opening soon.

Applie Pie

I heated up my apple cake when I got back home and had it then.

It was delicious.

The apples were flavoured by cloves and cinnamon in just about the correct quanitities and I throroughly enjoyed it.

Would I go back again?

It’s not would, but will!

You should give it a shot yourself.