Most folk will know by now that Coillte has submitted planning to build a road through Lis Na Grá. And not any part of Lis Na Grá but the very oldest part of it. And all to gain access to the Spruce trees at the back which they plan to harvest. Surely the harvesting is even wrong. The trees are part of the beauty of this area, and they should be kept as such. 

A road is just a road some might say. But Lis Na Grá is not just a local spot. It’s a local beauty spot. It’s a natural area in Muff of outstanding beauty and one which is also home to the red squirrel. It’s a little haven in our midst. It’s an escape from the real world for many of us. And it’s also a safe place for families to spend quality time together.

As a mother to three young boys many years ago, Lis Na Grá was our picnic spot every summer and a time for us to play and explore in the world of nature. This area holds many fond memories for me and my family so I feel very strongly regarding the possibility of this natural spot of our village being at risk of spoilage.

In recent years I’ve taken cousins and friends with their young families to Lis Na Grá for a day out. And each and every person I’ve brought here has been equally blown away by the beauty of it. I love seeing friends posting photos on facebook of their family day’s out here on a daily and weekly basis.

To see a road being built here now would destroy everything we know and love about this area. It would interrupt the lives of much wildlife. This area is home to not only the red squirrel but also the pine marten, long eared bat and buzzard.

This proposed construction would destroy the tranquility, the natural beauty and the unrivaled peace of this haven. Quite simply it would be disastrous.

Anyone who wants to make an objection to the Coillte Planning application to build a road in Lis Na Grá, the Planning Reference number is 1751674. Objections should be made in writing to the Planning Authority at Donegal County Council in Lifford. A fee of €20 must

accompany objections or submissions. The application can be viewed on the Donegal County Council website. It would be great if as many people as possible could lodge objections. The planners need to know the strength of feeling about this proposal and hopefully we can get it stopped. The decision is due on 9th January 2018.

A petition will be in all local shops and establishments over the coming days. Please please sign and help put a STOP to this ridiculous proposal. This proposal to destroy some of the most beautiful part of our land, of our community.