What’s in a name? A lot, some might say, but when you’re a coffee drinker, it really is the coffee that’s more important. Mind you, The Workshop just worked for our fabulous coffee haven here in Muff for over a year now. However, sometimes the powers that be can overpower us and some changes just have to be made. And such a change came into effect here in Muff last weekend.

Tank and Skinny’s was born. The Workshop has changed in name only. Nothing else seems out of place, or it certainly didn’t earlier today when I popped in.

The only question I had to ask was: where on earth did the name Tank and Skinny’s come from? Needless to say I got my answer thanks to Shane, or should I say, Tank!! Yes our two proprietors have renamed the coffee shop after their nicknames in school. Tank and Skinny or should we say, Shane and Ed? You decide!

So fear not when you hear that The Workshop is no more. It’s only in name. Tank and Skinny’s is here and it’s going nowhere fast. Coffee and food still served with a smile and still tasting pretty damned good. So here’s wishing Tank and Skinny’s lots of luck with the new name and lots of coffee being served for many years to come in the village.