Norris’s Coffee Shop in Malin Road

I’m just back from spending a pleasant hour in Norris’s Coffee Shop which is in the Malin Road next to Rosatos.

It opened in early summer and I keep meaning to go there but never got there until today.

So, what’s it like?

The layout is appealing. It’s got that old wood that you see in old Moville houses from a century or more ago, painted a creamy white.

It helps give it a feeling of authenticity to the place.

Community Atmosphere

What I liked about it is the community atmosphere.

In Moville, most people know each other and so people on different tables chatted sometimes with three or more tables involved.

It’s a good place to discuss the latest.

It’s child friendly too.

It’s clean, appealing and very sociable.

You place your order at the Deli counter at the top of the shop and they bring it to you.

The Food

So, what’s the food like?

I went to the Deli counter to see what I should get.

I asked for a Menu which they gave me. They then gave me another Menu which had hot and cold food on it.

I must say I was astonished at the range.

I expected maybe a cream tea, choclate cake, maybe applie pie with either tea or coffee.

But no, this was the full shebang.

I was surprised at how extensive it was.

Ordered a Sandwich

So much so that I curtailed my double menu reading to ask if they had a sandwich with cheese and ham toasted.

So, I had that with a nice pot of tea in a nice teapot.

There are a lot of nice little touches like the old fashioned milk containers to go with your tea.

It was so old fashioned that I couldn’t work out how to open it at first without using brute force with the milk flying all over the place.

However, I managed to solve that little puzzle.

So, I downed my sandwich and tea while reading my newspaper and eavesdropping on the other conversations going on between the other tables.

All Home Made

It seems that all the food, including the scones, croissants, apple pie etc. are all home made.

That must keep someone busy as there is a lot of choice.

When I was finished I decided to go to the Deli counter again to get a piece of the attractive looking Apple Pie to take home with me.

To my surprise she took the Apple Pie into the back of the shop before coming back out with out it.

As I was waiting for my pie possible reasons for this floated through my mind.

Health and Safety

Perhaps it is a health and safety issue and maybe not everyone is allowed to use a knife without proper training.

There are some odder Health and Safety rules in Ireland.

Or maybe only Stuart is the only one allowed to us the knife.

As I pondered this, out came my Apple Pie.

It was being heated – that’s all.

I paid my bill, which came to €8.50 altogether which is less than a couple of pints of beer.

Lovely Apple Pie

I had the hot Apple Pie when I got home and it was beautiful.

Some Apple Pies are mostly pie with little apple (just like some Shepherd’s Pies are all shepherd and no pie).

This was just the opposite with heaps of apple.

I don’t usually eat the crust with Apple pies but the Apple had softened it nicely and so I ate that too.

Table and Counter Service

So, what about the service?

The service was excellent.

It was warm, friendly and helpful and very quick too.

I got what I wanted pretty much straight away.

Coming Back

Would I go back?

I would most definitely.

There are plenty more appealing dishes and pastries that I would like to try.

The opening hours of Norris’s Coffee Shop are 9am to 4pm.

It’s well worth giving it a shot.