Local Farmers

I remember my father saying that all the old people used to say when he was a lad that there was always a good spell of weather in September when the farmers got their harvest in.

That’s not been the case this year ( or last come to that).

In recent years the summer months have been very predictable.

May / June – always a good spell of warm and sunny weather. This year was no exception.

July – mostly wet and overcast with the occassional good day. You do get the occasional good July though. There was one 3 to 4 years ago.

August – always bad. The last good one was in the last century.

September – always a good spell, usually just after the children went back to achool.

The last one is now not a given.

Last year’s September wasn’t great and the first half of this year’s was awful.

Most days were dank and damp.

Good September

We do have, now, two days on the trot of good weather. Tuesday is supposed to be good too – and then it all changes back again. A couple of good days are no use to the farmers, I’m told.

They need a couple of warm, dry, maybe breezy days for the land to firm up otherwise their tractors would just sink into it.

So, that would mean that they really couldn’t satrt till tomorrow (Tuesday) the last good day.

One day is not nearly enough to get their crops in.

Supposedly next weekend should be good for a couple of days.

Before that more bad days are predicted.

The local farmers will be hoping that forecast changes or is not as bad as predicted so that they can get their crops in.

They would probably need at least a week of continuously good weather.