It really was the final call for Noel A. last night at the Squealing Pig Muff. The well known barman called ‘last orders’ one last time. 

Noel has been a well known face behind the ‘Pig’ bar for a few years now, and no doubt will be sadly missed by many. The cheeky, cheery bar man is off to embark on life’s next chapter. And the bar will be just a tad different without him.

For many (like myself) there was no need to order the drink. He had in on as soon as you came in the door. He even knew to pour the drop of blackcurrant in too! Mind you, the other half did moan at times when Noel A. served him the wrong pint and he got the whiff of blackcurrant – Noel was well used to those moans I’m sure. But like myself, just laughed them off!!

Noel was always friendly, welcoming and strict when needed. You’ll be missed by many Noel and it will take a wee while to get used to your absence behind the said bar.

So here’s to that next chapter. We all hope you write it well. And I do hope there really is some serious ‘written’ work ahead for this hugely talented local chap.

So, last orders it might be, but it’s definitely new horizons that beckon. Here’s hoping they be bright and all that you wish for. Cheers Noel for the great service over the years.

Now, who do I order that last, last. last order from now? Luke, Dean, Paddy……..