Moville Ghost Town

Today is the day that LetterKenny IT college opens for the new academic year.

Some other colleges have already opened up and down the country.

As most youngsters go to college these days that means that Moville is going to be nearly denuded of its youngsters in their late teens / early twenties.

While some youngsters get the bus up and down every day to Letterkenny, many more stay up there during term time maybe coming back for the occasional weekend.

Those in other colleges and universities up and down the land don’t have an option of travelling up and down every day.

Dent in Moville Economy

This will leave a huge dent in the economy of Moville especially in those bars that the youngsters frequent.

Those visitors that come here for the festivals such as the DylanFest don’t realise how much Moville falls off a cliff after they depart.

I remember that great Dylan act, Jacques Mees, came back here from the Netherlands in October expecting to get a few gigs then in this ‘Dylan town’.

I think he was taken aback by the difference between August and October here.

We must get Jacques back again for the DylanFest.

He was once voted the 3rd best Dylan act in the world by Dylan Radio out of around 200 entrants.

Maybe next year.

But in Moville at the moment, the shutters are going up.

The summer season is over.