Letterkenny is a strange old place.

In the boom times it was the fastest growing town in Ireland. It may still be for all I know.

It has a great advantage of having an IT college – Letterkenny IT (LYIT).

However, that turns the town upside down.

It means that Letterkenny is busy during the week – and a lot quieter at the weekend when many students go home.

It also means that it is much busier during the autumn, winter and spring than it is during the summer.

Moville’s Peak Season

So, while Moville has a peak season from July 12th to the end of August of about 51 days for businesses to make their money, Letterkenny has it for much of the rest of the year.

It can only get better for Letterkenny in the future with the prospect of its imminent upgrade from an IT college to a university.

Maybe Moville, or more likely Greencastle with is Fishery School, could get a small college here attached to LYIT and reap the benefits throughout the year.

Of course, as we know, if this was ever proposed, there would be objections to it and it would be unlikely to ever see the light of day.

But maybe Greencastle will have a better chance of benefitting from it. That would be a big boost for the Greencastle economy all year round.