Beautiful Days

Let’s face it. It’s not been a great summer here in Moville.

The last good August here was in the last century – and this one was even worse than usual.

While there are more instances of good Julys, they are more normally not good.

Good Spell in September

However, we contented ourselves with the idea that there was always a good spell in August “as soon as the kids go back to school”.

Not so for the first two weeks of the month.

However, yesterday and today are glorious.

It was clear blue skies in Moville that I woke up to yesterday.

I even tempted fate by putting on the suntan lotion.

The sun was shining on a becalmed waters making it look like glass and there was no breeze at all.

It cheers everyone up.

Back to Normal

Tuesday is forecast to be quite good – but with a couple of showers too.

Then it’s back to the rain and the gloom.

Next weekend is predicted to be good – but that’s a long way off and may yet change.

Still, we’ll enjoy these couple of days while we can.