Mrs Butlers Bakery is based right here in the village. I’d heard about it during the summer months and happened to send a subtle hint that maybe I could sample a little of the baking and then do a wee honest review. No point in lying when writing about food!

An avid lover of coffee shops and a rather too frequent visitor of the local #TheWorkshopCoffeeCo here in Muff, I’m prone to the odd (!!) cake or two also. Not expecting to hear back from Mrs Butler herself I was rather delighted when I got a call from her good self just yesterday with the invite to taste a selection of her cup cakes (my favourite). So not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I gladly accepted the said box of such cakes.

Visually they appeared divine. But we all know only too well that looks can be deceiving. So there was only one thing for it – dig into these cupcakes and find out if looks were indeed deceptive or if the taste might be worth trying some more.

The box of six I was gifted consisted of two each: lemon meringue,  chocolate marble and carrot cake. I’d never had a lemon meringue cupcake before so it was a nibble (yes just a nibble to taste) to start my tasting session. Melted in my mouth: the lemon was just right and not too much. The sponge was light, fluffy and god damn tasty. As for the meringue on top, hell it was good. Without exaggeration, this was the best cupcake I’d tasted. One of the sons was quick on my heels to sample the same straight away. His facial expression told me all. He was enjoying. Before I knew it, he was into the chocolate marble. Needless to say, he was hunted out of the kitchen. I was working and I needed space (yes this was work!!). Chocolate marble was next, and not a lover of chocolate cake at all, I ate more than I had planned. And so the carrot cake cupcake had to wait until night.

One of my fav cakes, carrot cake was supper last night. Supper spilled into late night tasting. Carrot cake was equally delicious as the two before.

So cupcake end result: rather divine. Without reservation, they really were the best cupcakes I’ve had. I’m under no obligation to say such, but I said I’d be honest, and that’s what I’m doing. The lemon meringue however, definitely beats everything else hands down. We all have a favourite and for now, that’s mine. 

I’ve seen a sample (only seen) of a number of other cakes by Mrs Butler Cakes and they all look rather inviting. I’m hoping to try a few more, and then a few more over the coming weeks and months. Mrs B, Christmas is coming…oh Hang on Halloween is coming too….oh wait, I’ve an anniversary coming before that…..just saying 🙂 🙂

So what else does Mrs Butlers Bakery bake? I asked Mrs B herself last night and this is what she said:

Catering for all occasions and all ages. Cupcakes in a range of flavours: for example rolo, twix, kinder bueno , Jamie Dover, red velvet and basically any flavour anyone would want I can make. Cakes: Victoria sponge, rolo, carrot cake, Oreo, mint Aero and loads more. Cheesecake’s: malteser, after eight, baileys, crunchie and more. Wedding favours: cupcakes and macaroons. People can contact me on facebook page Mrs Butlers Bakery or call 00447516182582.

Personally I’d highly recommend you give her a wee buzz or pm her page one of these days. You might just surprise yourself with sheer indulgence. I did!!