Moville Weather

In the paragraph heading above I accidentally spelled Moville Weather as  Movile Weather before correcting it.

However, it probably describes the recent weather here perfectly.

I don’t know what we have done to the Gods to deserve this weather.

It’s been one of the worst spells of weather I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

Good Spell in September

We don’t expect good weather in July or August but there was always a good spell in September to look forward to.

That was our summer, i.e. a good spell in May / June and another in September with the odd good day in July and August.

However, we are now half way through September nearly and there is no sign of it so far.

Farmers’ Worry

The farmers must be having difficulty in bringing in the crops.

Each May / June when we get a good spell we always think ‘maybe thsi is the year that we’ll have a good summer’.

And we’re always disappointed.

I’m sure the weather used to be better than this when I used to come here as a child.

There hasn’t been a good August this millennium.

Indeed children in their late teens and twenties don’t ever remember a good August in Moville.

Let’shop that there is some Autumn good spell before the off season kicks in in earnest in Moville.