Last night David James played a gig at Muff Community Park to help raise funds for the recent victims of the floods. Described as ‘an up and coming star of Country Music’ seems such an understatement for this young man. An avid rock and trad music fan, and very much a ‘non-country’ fan, I really am swaying to this music genre. I’ve listened to many country music artists and turned a blind eye for 40+ years (I’m being generous here!!).

I heard James play in the same venue (the park) last year and he was beginning to win me over. Then I thought, nah, I can’t possibly change my ways in music now. Last night, I swayed even more. If anyone can possibly encourage me to listen to this genre of music, it certainly is this young man. He has the talent, the voice and most definitely the personality. And I’m sure no one will deny, he has the ‘looks’ too 🙂

David James was the perfect host, entertainer and guest last night here in Muff. He sang for his audience and he praised our fabulous local community. His words were, ‘the people of Muff always give back to their community’. That is exactly what the people here in our village do. They support and they contribute and they really do look after their own.

What was most definitely a wet and miserable night didn’t deter the locals. They came out in force and they were there for the community.

But, what most impressed last night for myself was the young people. They really are exceptional. To see these  young boys and girls dance the night away, and dance with such style, rhythm, and ability, really is a credit to each and every one of them. Jiving to waltzing, line dancing to sheer boogieing, they can do it all. I will openly admit to being green with envy at your talent on that dance floor.

Once again our local community excelled. They came along to support their neighbours, their friends, and indeed strangers. Everyone came together. What an amazing community we really are blessed to be part of.

Huge credit must surely go to the organisers of the night. Their dedication to the community, to the park and to helping folk, really does make them a special bunch. They give their time over and over again and sometimes we forget to say thanks. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Well done each and every one of you.

David James, thanks so much for giving us a great night of music, song and dance. And thanks for helping us piece our village back together.

Muff, it’s a really cool place to live. Hell, it’s been noted as being part of the ‘coolest place on the planet’. Go us….