Earlier today I decided to do a very ‘small’ bit for the Flood victims. I brought a box of mugs and a box of plates from home to the ‘station’ set up in Buncrana behind HML, above Aldi.

When I arrived I was shocked, delighted and yet overwhelmed by the amount of supplies already there. I asked one of the assistants what they now need. The main requirements at present are:

Microwaves; Other Electrical supplies; Tinned Food; Juices – cranberry, orange etc; Men’s Clothes and Shoes. Any other supplies you might have will be most welcome, but these appear to be priority at present.

I immediately decided to pop down to Aldi and just pick up a few tins of food. I decided I’d spend just €10. What I got for that small amount of money amazed me. I filled the box and went straight back with it.

On driving home after I thought how I won’t even miss that €10 from my purse. I’m not someone of means, of money or otherwise. But I know that I really won’t miss that €10 this week. And yet that small amount of money will go a very long way in helping someone this weekend.

So, I would like to set folk a challenge. If everyone (every household) who reads this post can go out today or tomorrow and spend just €10 on tinned food and bring to the emergency depot in Buncrana, you really will contributing something very big to people in need. €10 is all I ask you to spend. That’s less than ONE packet of cigarettes; the price of an average bottle of wine; less than a main course if eating out; the price of a few bars of chocolate; just €10.

Please, please just do it. This isn’t the Third World…this isn’t some war torn country – this is our own people who are very very much in need. Surely we can all cough up that meager €10.

And if anyone has any of the other supplies needed lying about your house, take them along too. As the saying goes, ‘Charity really does begin at home.’ This week our home needs our help. Let’s get that €10 and spend it wisely.

The depot is situated just behind HML in Buncrana, opposite Garda Station, 1 Milltown Business Park, Buncrana, Co. Donegal.