Al Diesan

Al Diesan, Moville’s favourite Dylan act has managed to beat the floods, closed roads and lack of buses to arrive in Moville yesterday (Wednesay).

He was seen in Rosatos and seen by a local journalist out and about.

A few problems with the roads was never going to stop a man who takes six planes plus buses and taxis to get to Moville’s Dylanfest and back again.

His act will start at 9:30 tonight.

He has gigs on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Saturday Night

If anyone can get  the great man a gig on the Saturday night just get in touch via [email protected].

The Thursday night gig is always one of my favourites at the DylanFest.

It’s like a reuion seeing all those faces that you haven’t seen since last year, like Mickey the Hat from North Wales – and of course re-acquainting ourselves with Al and Dylan’s music.

I can’t wait!