Stuck Inside of Moville

The 11th edition of Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough will take place next weekend.

It attracts Dylan fans from all over the world.

It has an international cast of players with acts this year from Italy, the USA, Scotland, Wales and England.

Previous years have seen acts from Germany, Belgium, Holland and France.

Northernmost County

Moville lies in Donegal, Ireland’s northernmost county.

Although part of the Republic of Ireland, it is the only county north of Northern Ireland.

It lies on a salmon fishing sea lough. It is a picturesque little town of 1,500 people where the houses are painted all different colours.

Al Diesan

This year sees the return of Al Diesan who comes annually from Cagliari on the island of Sardinia which is off Italy’s coasst. It takes Al six plane journeys plus taxis and buses to get to Moville from Cagliari each year – but he wouldn’t miss it.

Said prganiser Gerry McLaughlin, “A few years ago I got a message from an Al Diesan saying that he had booked up to come for the festival. “That’s good” I thought. “That’s one more”. Out of curiosity I asked him if he played. He did and I am so gad I asked. He played at the festival that year and every year bar one since.”

“He used to make a pilgrimage each year, he told me to play at places that have a conection with Dylan. The previous year he had gone to Greenwich Viallage and played at many for the bars where Dylan played. He used to only play the various places once but he now comes here every year.”

Bobby Does Dylan

Also coming back will be Bobby Does Dylan whom Dylan wanted to meet after seeing him playing a YouTube clip of Like a Rolling Stone outside the Oran More venue in Glasgow. Bobby had just finished setting up so decided to go outside to sing a few songs for the people in the street as it was a sunny day. The crowds gathere round. It was like the much copied Beatles Saville Row roof gig.

They duly met up for a 5 minute chat at Dylan’s hotel the next time he was in Glasgow. “Are you doing well” Asked Dylan. “Very well” said Bobby. “You must owe me some royalties then” said Dylan before breaking into a laugh to Bobby’s relief.

Another act playing is New Yorker Michael Thomas who used to play regularly with Henry McCullough of Paul McCartney’s band Wings.

The DylanFest takes place in Moville from August 24th to 28th in multiple venues in Moville outdoors and indoors and there will be plenty of opportunities for Dylan fans who can play to play a few tunes at Open Mics, again indoors or outdoors.

Bring it on!