Bobby Does Dylan

Robert Harrison, or Bobby Does Dylan has become a regular at Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough in late August.

This year he had a counter offer – to sing in front of 65,000 people in Celtic Park in Glasgow.

The reason for that offer is that Bobby has written a Celtic song in conjunction with his band The Promise to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Celtic’s European Cup triumph.

It has been taken on board by Celtic’s charity arm the FC Foundation and it has just been released.

Lisbon Lions

The Celtic Board are very keen on it as are some of the Lisbon Lions themselves.

So, Bobby was invited to come and launch the single at Celtic Park on August 26th in front of that massive crowd of fans.

However, Bobby had to turn them down. “I can’t do that date” Bobby told Celtic. “I’m playing the DylanFest in Moville on that day.”

Celtic Park

The Celtic Foundation were sympathetic and rescheduled the launch to be at Celtic Park on September 16th.

Said Bobby “We’re very excited and it’s great to be able to do both the DylanFest in Moville, which I love, and the gig at Celtic Park”.

He continued “It is arranged that we will meet Celtic manager, Brendan Rogers, and some of the Lisbon Lions. It will be shown on Sky TV, as well as in the Celtic View and the match programme.

The main launch of Bobby’s new Celtic song will be at Celtic Park on September 16th.

Special Treat for Celtic Fans in Moville

However, Bobby has a treat for festival goers in Moville. He is going to have an unofficial launch of his Celtic song on August 26th at the Caiseal Mara during his DylanFest performance.

He will not only perform the song that he will be singing at Celtic Park three weeks later but he will be autographing copies of the lyric sheet.

Bobby and his brother Francis got into music when their mother won the Celtic Pools many years ago and it was with this money that he and his brother were able to get guitars.

Celtic Pools Winners

Said Robert “We chose Celtic FC Foundation for principal reasons. First, Celtic provided the means for us to embark on our music careers. Our late parents, John and Sadie Harrison, won the Celtic Pools in 1972 and with the money they won they bought us our first musical instruments.

“Secondly, being lifelong Celtic supporters we know the club’s history, that it was first conceived as a charitable project by Brother Walfrid to help ease social ills in Glasgow’s East End. Celtic has kept this original ethos in its long history and the supporters believe that, long may it continue.”

Now it has come full circle with Bobby perfoming his song in front of the Celtic fans, team, manager and Lisbon Lions.

But Celtic fans in Moville and visitors to Moville’s DylanFest, which runs from August 24th to 28th, will hear it first.

All profits from the sale of this song will be donated towards the work of Celtic FC Foundation.

Pride of a Celtic Nation is available on CD and on the following music download websites:




Apple Music – search Pride of a Celtic Nation



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