Conor Gillespie

He had a nervous start but once he got properly warmed up, Conor Gillespie nailed it in in Rosatos last night.

He was especially good playing I am the Walrus, Yellow Submarine and Yesterday, which he announced as the most covered song of all time, as he covered it once more.

As I said, it was a not-so-great start.


The guy sitting next to me at the bar said “He’s very nervous” and it seems he was.

He also told me that he had been very nervous all day.

It showed.

High Class Hobos

However, as soon as his bandmates from the High Class Hobos came in he settled down and started to get better.

His German girlfriend then came in bought and gave him a Guinness as well as a kiss of approval and that was it.

The real Conor Gillespie, lead singer with the High Class Hobos, was back again.

He just went from strength to strength after that and had the whole audience going, cheering and joining in.

Tonight sees the return of that great New York guitarist Michael Thomas who is a real viruoso guitarist.

He plays Rosatos.