Moville Weather

Every year it happens.

There’s a good spell of weather in May or June and people start saying “maybe we’ll have a good summer this year”.

Then July comes and it is not usually great and then August comes which has not been great in this millennium so far.

July Weather

There was a good July about three years ago and this July wasn’t bad.

There was a mixture of very good weather and some very bad weather.

There was no in between.

Sometimes there was a day of good and a day of bad.

Sometimes it happened on the very same day with it being bad early and then brightening up later with the best weather about teatime.

I think that there was enough good weather in july to say it wasn’t a bad July.

The good and the bad weather fought themselves to a draw.

August Weather

So, what about August?

I’m told that the last good August was in the last century with some saying it was 1998 and others 1995.

Whichever it was there are some youngsters in their early twenties who have never experienced a good August in Moville.

It’s usually warm enough but overcast with showers.

The first couple of weeks in August are not looking great.

However, forecasts of anything over 3 days in this part of the world can change very quickly so we won’t count it out yet.

However, if a bookie was giving odds on a good August weatherwise the odds would probably be around 20/1.

Still, we live in hope.

It’s not a good forecast for early in the week but it’s not too bad for the BeatlesFest on the Lough next weekend.

September Weather

There’s always September.

I remember my father telling me that the old guys in his day said that there was always a good spell in September when the harvest came in.

So, we’re almost guaranteed that good spell in September even if August lets us down once again.

But lets keep our fingers craused for August first.

A Score draw, as with July, would be good enough.