Moville Thrush

I was sitting here with my PC on my lap writing an article for CraicOn when there was this almighty crash against our window just about a metre away from where I am sitting.

I thought first that someone had thrown a stone at the window it was such a crash.

I looked up and saw a whole load of feathers floating downwards.

Indeed there are still some feathers stuck to the window.

I’ve had birds hit the window before both here and when I lived in in America but none were as loud as this. It was a real smash.

Large Thrush

I looked out the window and saw a large thrush lying on the bench just outside our front window.

Usually what happens is that after a minute or so the birds recover. It is not usually fatal.

However, this was some whack on the window. It must have been going at some speed.

It’s strange but birds never seem to fly through open windows. We open our windows often at this time of year and no birds have ever flown in.

They just seem to aim for closed windows.

I wonder why.

Would the Thrush Recover?

Anyway I watched the bird to see if it would recover as they normally do.

There was some movement at first before it’s little legs gradually lowered themselves.

Then there was no movement at all.

Maybe it is just unconscious and will recover.

Take Another Look

I’ve been writing this article for the past 5-10 minutes so I’ll just take another look to see if it is still there or there is any movement.

No, I’m afraid there is no movement at all.

It looks as if it has breathed its last breath.