Irish Trad Music

This Sunday sees the return of The Sailors to Rosatos.

They play a mixture of Irish Trad and Folk with one or two more modern ones as well.

They are the duo who played Sunday nights throughout July and August last year.

The only Sundays they won’t be on are the BeatlesFest weekend at the start of August and the DylanFest one at the end of August.

The Sailors are a duo, Pete and Jack.

It’s well worthwhile looking in.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

High Class Hobos

On Saturday night Rosatos has Conor and Kevin who also play with the High Class Hobos.

One very knowledeable local musician rates them the best local band ever to play in the area.

That’s something!

It looks like a good weekend of music as we swing into the holiday season.