Paddy the Shoe

As everyone knows, Paddy the Shoe is a big fan of Bob Dylan.

He goes to see him every time he comes to Ireland.

He has seen him dozens of times.

He must know the O2 in Dublin like the back of his hand now.

Got to O2 in Dublin early

He got to the O2 an hour early so that he could reconnoitre the place before the concert.

He had a pair of binoculars with him.

He was scanning round the room when the guy in charge of security walked over to him.

“No cameras” he said to Paddy.

“It’s not a camera” said Paddy.

Voice from the O2 Stage

Then a voice from the stage shouted “Yes, put him out”.

The security guy looked as if he was just about to do this when the guy on the stage shouted “He should be playing in Rawdon’s tonight”.

It seems the guy is from Belfast and is a stage hand or stage manager.

Rosebank House

He has a house in Moville in Rosebank and it seems he has seen Paddy’s show in Rawdon’s many times.

His name is Joe I’m told and it seems he does stage work for a number of top acts.

So, Paddy was allowed to stay and see the show – helped by a Dylan hired hand who had also seen his shows in Rawdon’s.

It’s a small world.