The Muff Festival Committee published the following update this evening on the official Facebook page:

Special wee ask from our committee…this year’s festival aims to be full of many of the usual antics, however due to lack of resources (currently 3 people on committee) and huge lack of funds this has forced us to make some difficult decisions – we want to put the money we have and the time we have left to those events which have high participation and good attendance. This means there will be no opening parade and no events on the Monday. The 2016 parade cost €1200 and participation has fallen sharply in recent years. So rather than continue with it we have decided to focus our efforts on Saturday & Sunday.
Currently we have a huge shortfall in money and the program is not yet fully finalized. Our ask is if you can donate anything at all to help fund the weekend this year it would be so appreciated. Please do not wait to be asked to organize/donate, come forward and help support your community festival. We meet most Monday nights, just pm us to confirm….you will be made very welcomed 😊
We cannot say there will be a festival in 2018 but lets focus on this year and help each other to make our community festival a great one! If you can donate any monies, remember every little bit counts, it will make a difference – please message us or call 087-6045719 / 07387-257102. Appreciate if you can tag/share with others. Thanks everyone

As stated above the committee is now just 3, yes 3, members. This is near impossible to prepare a festival over the August bank holiday weekend. Having done a little work with the festival for a number of years now I have seen first hand the work and time that goes into planning, organising, preparing and running the weekend of festivities. The weekend alone is just a snippet of the work involved.
We are a huge community driven people here in the village of Muff. Everyone comes out over the festival weekend and enjoys each year. Come rain, hail or sun, the people always come.
Now it’s time for the people to get a little more involved. To help the festival run this year, YOUR help is needed. The committee meets on a Monday night as said above and everyone is welcome to come along and attend. Have your say and have your input in the weekend.
Funds are clearly very low this year which is proving a huge financial strain on the organising and running of the said weekend. The committee are asking that local businesses, local people, people from near and far, to please help fund their weekend this August. The committee are unable to go around every business in the area, and are now asking that businesses come to them.
Details of who and where to contact are in the above statement. Please do show how important our festival really is and support. As the committee said, “every little helps.”
Time to show what a real community we really are here in Muff. Time to help run our festival. Time to help others. Every little helps. Every little counts. Every little will be a step towards ensuring the Festival is run to the best possible standard. #communinty #mufffestival #give #supportourfestival