Our very own Rosemary Diver from Carrowkeel, Quigley’s Point (God’s Country!!) is among the top 3 picks in Ulster for the Woman’s Way & Beko Mum of the Year Awards 2017.

Rosemary rose above hundreds of entries from families all over Ireland. Her unique experience and special qualities were hand-picked to be awarded with the regional title. Now Rosemary will join 16 other mums at the grand finals in July who are all hoping to take home a prize worth €3,000.

Mum of five Rosemary Diver, aged 52, was nominated by her daughter Áine, who was quick to extol her mother’s qualities, ‘her outgoing, fun and loving character and utterly selfless nature.’

Rosemary Diver
Rosemary has helped others, family and community alike, as far as possible. Ten years ago, she started a bi-weekly youth club and from there came summer and Easter camps which she runs with her daughter. She also works to put money into the local community center which includes discos and a ladies club.

The mother of five and grandmother of three says her house is always full: “It’s the kind of house where someone’s coming in the back door and someone’s coming out the front door. Between young and old, there’s always a full house.”

Rosemary, her husband Daniel and family live just down the road from where I myself grew up and lived until I was 21. I knew/know them both and I’m now very proud to consider their daughters friends of my own (bit younger than my young self, but friends nonetheless).
How would I describe Rosemary? Someone who has a welcome for everyone, and a cup of tea was always at the ready. I recall going down home with my two sons many years ago to visit Mother and Father, on the bus. I’d walk up the Carn Brae to the folks house and Rosemary would always invite me in for a cuppa on the way past. Her welcome was always huge and her home was always inviting.
Rosemary is a very big part of the community in Quigley’s Point and even with a young family she was continually involved in community work. Now she runs the youth club and those camps alongside her daughter Niamh with passion and dedication.

Here’s wishing Rosemary every luck in the world with Mum of the Year. If ever a Mum deserved this, it certainly is herself.
Enjoy the experience Rosemary and we’re all behind you.