Greyhound Racing in Moville

It seems that there used to be greyhound racing in Moville in the nineteen thirties, forties and fifties.

It took place regularly on a Sunday. There was a Programme of Events for the year.

It was usually on Sunday evening so I guess that it was mostly in the summer months as the Bay Field does not have floodlights.

It was organised by local greyhound owners.

Prize Money in Bay Field

There was prize money and those who came to watch had to pay to get into the Bay Field.

Indeed, there was also betting on the races – and on a Sunday too.

Some of the local religious groups were not impressed.

Indeed they were not impressed on another occasion when the conquering hero of the Second World War, Field Marshall Montgomery, refereed a football match on a Sunday between two local teams, when he was on a visit home.

Greyhound Racing

There were quite a few greyhound races during the evening.

It didn’t take place every Sunday but fairly regularly.

They used to take one of the wheels off a van and they attached a rabbit skin to the van attached by a piece of rope.

The van then set off trailing the rabbit skin for the greyhounds to chase.

It seems there was one occasion when the van driver was going too slowly and he found one of the greyhounds, who ha caught up with the van, sitting in the front seat beside him.

It sounds like an episode of the Simpsons.

The race was declared null and void.

It sounds as if there was a lot going on in Moville in the old days.

As told be Gerry McLaughlin (89) senior to CraicOn Moville author Gerry McLaughlin.