Nuns Bathing Boxes

Do you know where the Bathing Boxes are in Moville down by the shore?

Most people in Moville will know and many of those who visit Moville will know too.

I remember when they were used. I think I remember getting changed there once.

They were beside the sandpit.

Mothers would bring their children with their buckets and spades and many would get into the water themselves.

Billy McIntyre’s Shore

That section of the beach was called Billy Shore after Billy McIntyre.

That’s because he used to look after that section of the shore including the sandpit and bathing boxes.

However, did you know that there used to be a section for Nuns Bathing Boxes?

It was just on the next corner along from the normal Bathing Boxes.

You can still see the bolts where the Nuns’ Bathing Boxes used to be.

My father remembers the nuns using them although he can’t remember when they stopped and what happened to the bathing boxes.

Perhaps they were washed away with the tide.

It seems that they also had another set of Nuns’ Bathing Boxes.

They were located at the beach just beyond Lafferty’s Lane.