“I’m Donegal through and through, but Derry is my city.” Marie Lindsay’s words ring true for most of us here in the village of Muff. Although I grew up just a few miles down the road in Quigley’s Point, Derry was always our city even then.
Socially, culturally, employability and more, Derry always has been and will be OUR city. Many of us cross the border every day for a variety of reasons and it really is just part of everyday life. Like most folk here in the local area, I too remember the ‘hard border’, but we are now living in a hassle-free, easy going border region. Brexit has changed all that and now we are all eagerly anticipating what is going to become of this border on our doorstep.
The article below tells exactly how locals are feeling within our community and the fears currently being experienced.

Irish Times

Living here we really do feel the sense of having ‘dual identity’. It’s part of who we are. I have my sterling purse and my euro purse. Friends who visit laugh at me with two purses but it’s second nature to me. It’s always been the same.
Some of my friends are now contemplating a move back over the border into Derry. I don’t want to see them leave. Nor does our community.
What will Brexit mean for us? Just what will become of our border?