Falcor in Sean Ti

Local music fans don’t get much of a chance to see the magnificent Yetis these days – unless they want to get married.

That’s because they mainly play festivals and weddings these days.

They gave up playing pubs a while back.

A Couple of Yetis

However, two of the Yetis, Jame McIvor and Paul Bredin will be playing with Falcor tonight.

Also, joining them will be Shaun McGonagle, a great candidate for the best guitarist in the area.

On drums will be multi-talented James McDonald, who plays in several top bands, including one in Dublin.

Moville Supergroup

You could term it Moville’s Supergroup.

Said Sean Ti Proprietor, Kevin Cavanagh, “They play covers from acoustic to electric rock”.

There should be a good crowd to see them tonight.