Moville Man Back

He left Moville in 1964 at the age of 18.

Man hadn’t landed on the moon yet, Celtic han’t won the European Cup and the Beatles hadn’t even written the songs for Sergeant Pepper.

He came back a couple of times very briefly but didn’t announce his visit.

But this weekend Michael Haining, called here Mickey Hainey, is back in town.

Parton With Cash

He was in Rosatos last night for the first night of the Parton With Cash country music festival which is being attended by the McGonigal and Dillon clans from Scotland.

Many of Michael Haining’s cousins were there, the McLaughlins, some of whom he has met and some that he met for the first time last night.

He also met some old friends that he hasn’t seen since he was 18.

He was there for the quiz and the music afterwards.

Sat at Bar Unnoticed

For the first part of the quiz he sat by himself at the bar, unnoticed.

Indeed, one of his best friends from all those years ago was sitting in the seat next to him for over an hour without them recognizing each other.

I ha only told one person, who didn’t know Michael, that he would be there and that he would be revealed during the quiz.

He had told his uncle that a relative of mine would be there who left Moville a ling time ago.

His uncle guessed right who it was but the guy I told didn’t confirm it.

Anyway, his uncle stated in Rosatos to his nephew that “Mickey definitely isn’t here. I’ve looked at everybody in the pub and he’s not here”.

And that was while sitting next to him for an hour.

I suppose the person you see least of in a pub is the person sitting right next to you at the bar.

Quiz Question

So, the quizmaster was to read out a few clues about a person, and the audience would have to guess who it was. On the fourth question Mickey, himself would come up with the answer, i.e. that it was himself.

The clues were to be:-

  1.  He was born in November 1946
  2. He went to Newcastle University
  3. He spent his early years teaching
  4. He played for Moville Celtic

Mickey was to come up sharpish on the 4th clue and give the answer Michael Haining.

Beaten to the Draw

However, after just the 2nd question, Martin Farren rushed up saying “It’s Mickey Hainey, it’s you cousin Mickey Hainey” at which point he point he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see his old friend whom he han’t seen since 1964.

It was a great night with loads of fun and it will continue on Saturday night first in Rosatos and then in the Sean Ti which is having a Hoe Down with straw bales and barrels and people asked to wear country outfits if they have them.

I you want to find out more about Mickey Haining click on Michael Haining.

He will be in Rosatos again tonight if you used to know him.